Lose Your Double Chin and Neck Fat with These Exercises. It Is Easy to Learn!

Double chin is a problem that every woman has. It is a result from overweight and laziness. Also aging is one of the reasons for double chin because the skin starts to lose its elasticity. Besides the platysma muscle that connects the jaw to the neck and many other muscles that we not often use lose their strength.

As obesity is a problem for double chin, also is excessive weight loss.

There is an innovative method for removing double chin. It is called chin liposuction and many women decide to do the procedure.

It gives an accent on highlighting the line of the lower jaw. But as every procedure it has a side effects. It leaves a scar and it can be noticeable when you band your head back.

But you can successfully lose your double chin with exercises that are free for using and 100% safe for you and your health.

These exercises for losing double chin can make your platysma muscle, along with other muscles surrounding the neck area, more stretched, stronger and increased. It may take a while till you make the muscles, but it will be easier to keep them in that shape, because keeping them is way more effortless than toning them.

Double chin exercises

If you do this exercises on daily basis and you strict to them can be extremely powerful.

  1. Open mouth – Try to open your mouth as much as you can, and put your tongue out as far as it can reach. Actually you have to try to touch your chin with it. Be in that position for 10 seconds and repeat it 10 times. While doing the exercise you will feel stretching in your chin and neck.
  2. Hanging head – Lie down on your bed and hang the head over the edge. Move your chin to your chest. Slowly lower your head to starting position after 10 seconds. Make the exercise 10 times.
  3. Chin lifts – If you want to strengthen and tighten your neck and face muscles then this exercise is so useful. Stand still with straight up neck and back and lift your chin up to the ceiling. Compress your lips in an inflated position as you want to kiss someone and stay in that position for 10 minutes. Repeat it 10 times.
  4. Roll your neck – Straighten your back. Your chin has to be parallel with your shoulders so you have to turn your head to the side. Ensure that your eyes look at the side too. Slowly move your head downward and to the other side. Do it 10 times.
  5. Platysma exercise – Every muscle that is connected with the jaw and neck – the platysma muscle are attached with this exercise. Straight your neck up while you are in a standing position. Turn the corners of the mouth downward, as you glare, and pull up the lips over your teeth just to stretch the tendons in your jaw. 10 seconds are enough for the position and then relax. Repeat it 10 times.
  6. The tennis ball (exercise)With your chin hold a tennis ball and press it against the throat. Press the ball with the chin and then release it slowly. Make it 10 times.


 Lose weight

Beside this exercises, another part of losing a double chin is losing weight and toning your jaw and neck muscles. Double chin forms when body fat accumulates all over your body and even in the neck. But when you mix exercises with well – balanced diet you will have better results in losing the double chin.