Dear Parents, Stop Making This Mistakes, If You Don’t Want Your Kids to Have Bad Manners!

Do you have problems with your child? Sometimes you think maybe this is happening because of its temper, but it’s only getting worse and becomes rebel. The situation is out of control and your patience is at an end. Every method of educating you tried is not working and you don’t have any idea what is going to happen further.

Well guess what… You are making a mistake. We will tell you what mistakes you make in your child’s education.

If they don’t care about these behaviors and actions, it will lead to definite repercussions in their lives.

A very famous woman, known as Emma Jenner who has a show on TLC “Took Home Nanny”, also found out that when parents make mistakes, later they will be hurt by the consequences.

Emma implicates to that, that parents will always ask more and will expect more from their kids. But that’s not the point. They need to give them less, to challenge them and to force them to do something by themselves.

We will represent you the mistakes that parents often do in this days:

Don’t be afraid from your children!

Example: Almost every kid has a special mug that drinks milk from it. But the problem begins when they request another cup. And as always, parent try to find another one, not even trying to ignore the request. It is because they are afraid that the kid will refuse to eat, or maybe it will start crying.

According to Emma this is a huge error. You are not the ones that has to listen to your kids. You are those who dictate the rules. Just let them cry, or complain about it. Go somewhere where you won’t have to listen to them. Not every of their wishes has to be your command. Do you always want to be under pressure and to buy them everything they want just they are crying. Are you going to change something with it?

Don’t make excuses (All kids are like that)!

One of the mistakes is this one too. Don’t justify your kids misbehavior and outbursts in public, because you will only make worst and “motivate” them to continue with this behavior and be impulsive.

Kids are capable of doing much more than you can imagine. This goes for respect, manners, everyday domestic work, generosity and self-control. Emma thinks that if you want to teach your kids how to behave correctly, you should lift up the expectations you have for them.

Only you have the right to rail them, not the others!

Many years before, teachers and professors has the right to revile the kids if they don’t behave well. That was their job when the kids were out of our sight. But now, they don’t have the right to do that anymore, because they are afraid that parents can get mad at them. Teachers won’t even try to find out what is going on because of this reaction from the parents. This is so wrong because you let your kids to behave the way they want and, unfortunately, nobody can stop them.

You put your children in the first place!

This is maybe the biggest mistake you make in your life. You always put your children in the first place. It can be good for the evolution, but you also have to create a program that is flexible to their needs, such as food, clothes, nursing and others.

Currently, parents are taking it to a whole another level, by making everything to fulfill child’s needs and requests. You can’t always throw away your obligations just to please them and get them what they want. It will only bring you stress, take your peace away, and you’ll even lose your health. Things will get out of control. Keep in mind that your kid will be perfectly good if you do something that makes you happy and filled. But if it’s something serious going on with the kid then you should be worried. Remember nothing bad will happen if you say “NO!”.

Learn how to be a better parent for your children. Avoid this mistakes and make them stronger and prepared to withstand the challenges of life!