5 Reasons Why You Won’t Lose Weight

Your hard work to lose weight and to shape your body it’s not working. Change the diet, you are subscribed to the gym or other physical activity, and the fridge is full of healthy food and groceries.

Despite all the effort, you are infests with rage and despair and all I want is to eat a thick piece of cake.

Very likely however it is that you are doing something wrong, because your weight stagnates and this are the seven most common reasons for not losing weight:

“The most delicious for me to eat is while I’m watching television or computer”

During the meal the attention should be directed exclusively to food. Thus, the brain receives information in time when the stomach is full.

When viewing their favorite series, the attention is divided and many are likely to end very hungry or overfed.

To avoid these situations, the dining table is the best choice for consumption of meals. Furthermore, research shows that food served on blue plates result in decreased appetite. Chew slowly and consciously. Feel every bite.

“The weekend is my free zone”

Many make this typical error. Monday to Friday behave impeccably, and weekends starting with greedily and gluttony. Body just started to get used to the changes and all the work goes down to the water for 48 hours.

Free weekends can lead to binge eating disorder and the process of weight loss. But, by the yearlong leads to numerous negative consequences. Tie it in your head, the fact that a healthy lifestyle no days off.


“I do not need 8 hours of sleep to function”

Just some days accrued liabilities so that we can push through the night and 4-5 hours of sleep. But lack of sleep reflects negatively on attenuation.

Required sleep 7-9 hours a day, the need for food and junk snacks will be reduced, and the body sufficiently rested and ready for exercise.

“Only 3 kg for a month, I’m disappointed”

Admit if you are a little unrealistic and have high expectations, and when we want quickly results for a short time? Let’s face the truth, no such magic diet lost 10 kg in 20 days. If it were, we would all be stranded and the word diet would have been unknown in the dictionary.

Consider your age (older people lose weight to slower), gender (men weaken faster than women), initial weight, speed metabolism and calorie intake and physical activity (2, 3 or 5 times a week).

All these factors affect the speed of weight loss. None minus figure is not negligible, but a fact of encouragement and a strong incentive for not giving up.

“I eat only dietary products”

The biggest trap in products abound on the shelf label is “Sugar free”. Just because no sugar or the number of calories is low, it doesn’t mean that the product is healthy or nutritious.

“Diet” products are full with additives, artificial sweeteners, sodium and trans-fats affect the fatal loss of weight.

Because they have no nutritional value saturate a long period of time, they get hungry quickly, creating dependency and demanding more and more food.

So, turn to the best friends: fruit, vegetables and proteins, and prepare for the best transformation of your life.